Out of Work? Get Into Business!

Shifting gears. . . into success


This book is for people in their thirties, forties, and fifities who are at the crossroads in their careers. Are you one of them? Maybe you have a decent job, but don't feel fulfilled. May you've lost your job and don't want to work for others anymore. Maybe you just can't find a job that fits your needs.

OUT OF WORK? GET INTO BUSINESS, published by Self-Counsel Press for their small business series, contains many personal success stories and examples of how people have changed their lives by becoming self-employed. Many of these people feel that going into business for themselves offers a feeling of independence and personal freedom, a sense of accomplishment that's just not possible for most employees.

In this book you'll find basic business information, tactics for success, and insights to help you start and run your own business.

This book could change your life. . . Successful self-employment is in your future. . . Run your own business your own way!



1. OUT OF WORK - A world of change - Looking for better things - Life after employment - Getting through financial hard times

2. SOUL SEARCHING - Finding your way - Are you entrepreneur material? - Five personality attributes of entrepreneurs - Sack the job and try self-employement - Scary statistics vs. reality


3. GETTING READY FOR THE BIG GAMBLE - The skills that you will need - Finding great ideas - Perceptions and great ideas - Does your product or service really matter? - Building blocks for your business foundation - Making your own luck

4. TAKING STOCK - Adding up your strong points - Working with people - Do what you do well - Consulting - Make a difference -- you've been wanting to, so here is your chance - Goal setting

5. GETTING YOUR ACT TOGETHER - Avoiding common mistakes - Getting organized - Eleven ways to help you get organized - Self-esteem - How's your memory?

6. CHOOSING A BUSINESS - The ten businesses that are most likely to fail - Hot businesses - Shoe-string franchises - Choosing your business path - Seven steps in choosing your business

7. STARTING SMALL AND DREAMING BIG - Advantages of working at home - Disadvantages of working at home - Twelve home-based strategies


8. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD - Things cost money - Finding the bucks - Running a family business - Using barter - Making do with less while looking like more - Effective, low-cost marketing tools - Your company image


10.. ROAD BLOCKS - Non-compete agreements - Self-defeat - Procrastination - Depression - Other people - Fear

11. CONTACTS - Network - Why they will help you - On-line - Meeting with people - How to get the most out of any meeting - First impressions - How to develop a relationship

12. WE'RE ALL IN THE SERVICE BUSINESS - Service, Delivering it - Winning back the lost client

13. STAYING IN SHAPE - Finances - Your health and well-being - Insurance - Your mental well-being - Humor - Watch out for complacency

14. WORKING AGAINST THE CLOCK - Finding the time for family, work, and sleep - The good news: empty nests - The bad news: the body moves slower - Dealing with the time crunch - Being more productive - Looming retirement

15. ENJOYING THE REWARDS - Defining success and coping with it - Hard work, sacrifice, and joy

APPENDIX - Getting there: Tips for success

WORKSHEETS - Are you organized? A quiz - Stress test

SAMPLES - Cover letter for business plan - Business loan detailed plan


Don Doman and his wife, Margaret, own PNW Video Productions, an industrial video production company in Tacoma, Washington. He was laid off twenty years ago and turned that job loss into self-employment success. He's an on-call writer for Videomaker magazine and is also the co-author of LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP: MARKET RESEARCH MADE EASY and PRODUCING A FIRST-CLASS VIDEO FOR YOUR BUSINESS two other titles in the Self-Counsel series. Don is also a collector of movie quotations and has edited the book REEL COMMENTS - QUOTABLE LINES FROM THE MOVIES. His database is available for viewing on-line.


To get your very own copy of OUT OF WORK? GET INTO BUSINESS inquire at most fine book stores in both the United States and Canada. Look for the Self-Counsel display. The book is also available in translated copies in Malasia and Taiwan.

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