Look Before You Leap
Market Research Made Easy

If you're in business, you need this book

Look Before You Leap helps you answer these questions:

When should I do market research?

Where can I find the data I need?

Who are my best survey subjects?

How do I design a market research questionaire?

Why should I use brainstorming sessions and focus groups in my research?

Where can I rent a mailing list?

When do I need to hire a professional?

How do I analyze the data I find?

Table of Contents

1. Why research your market? - What is market research? - How do you do it? - The most diffacult thing about market research - When should you do market research?

2. Laying the ground work - The four basic purposes of market research - Your two sources of data - The two kinds of data - Understanding demographics and psychographics

3. Setting your research direction - Clear the air with a brainstorm - Forming your hypothesis - Identifying the information you need

4. Secondary data: what's available? - Whad kind of data can you expect to find? - Lies, damned lies, and statistics - Getting the real goods

5. Finding the secondary data you need - The library - Next stops: the chamber of commerce and the EDB - The business development center - What questions have you answered?

6. Primary data: you're already surrounded by it - The information you may already have - In-house resources for marketing surveys - How to use the data you already have - What you already know (or can easily learn) about your competition

7. Primary data: your survey methods - Choose the survey method that accomplishes your goal - Polls/questions - How to select and screen your interview subjects - Using mailing lists - Using focus groups - Product or service sampling

8. Writing a questionaire - Three elements of a successful questionaire - Four types of questions to ask - Other information to include on your questionaire

9. Analyzing and interpreting your data - Examing and editing the completed forms - Tallying the responses - Charting the responses to each question - Determining the meaning of the responses - If you find things you can't interpret - Check your hypothesis

10. When you need to hire a professional - Deciding when you need a pro - What professional services cost - Working productively with a professional

11. Everybody ought to have a plan - The elements of your plan - Four guidng statements - Corporate descriptions - Market analysis and marketing strategy - Finances - Action plan - Business plan assistance - Uses for your business/action plan

12. The beginning

13. The future - Accessing market research data - Using computers to gather information - Databases you can own or access for a fee

Protect Your Business Dollars!

If you're considering a big move - STOP!

If you have a great idea - STOP!

If you're looking for that big opportunity - STOP!

Stop. . . and Look Before You Leap!

The book Look Before You Leap: Market Research Made Easy can save you time, money and heartaches.

Picture of brainstorming session

This easy to read and easy to follow business guide explains how to painlessly be in touch with your customers, your suppliers, and your industry. Make sure your product or service fills a need AND that people will pay for it.

Whether you're starting a new business, thinking about a new product line, figuring out what you can charge for your product or service, or simply trying to figure out how you can make more sales, then this book, Look Before You Leap: Market Research Made Easy, can help you.

LBYL shows how to conduct your own market research and also tells you when you need to hire a professional. But, most small businesses can do their own surveys, brainstorming, mailings, questionnaires, and analyze the data all without spendng large amounts of cash. This book explains how you can work on budgets from zero dollars on up.


"If only one idea had worked for me, this book would have been a great buy. The fact that a whole bunch of ideas have helped me is astounding." -- Keasey Myer - Atlanta Graphic designer

Picture of Brown "I didn't know market research could be done so easily and so cheaply." -- Michael Brown - New York Importer/Exporter

"So much information is just waiting for you. It's amazing. This book saved me thousands of dollars." -- Jeri Mathews - San Diego Web designer

"I always thought it would cost loads of money to do customer surveys. Look Before You Leap showed me how to do them for no costs." -- T. John Garfield - Toronto Entrepreneur

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Don Doman and Margaret Doman are experienced small business owners and marketing consultants with many years' experience in the communications field. Dell Dennison has over 20 years experience in advertising and corporate communications and is the co-author of The Advertising Handbook.

Don Doman, Dell Dennison, and Magaret Doman are also the authors of Producing a First-Class Video for Your Business - Work with Professionals or Do It Yourself, another title in the self-Counsel Series.

Don Doman is also the author of Out of Work? Get Into Business! - Shifting Gears . . . Into Success (Self-Counsel Press) and is the collector and editor of Reel Comments - Quotable Lines From the Movies.

ORDERING INFORMATION This extremely useful small business tool is available at many fine book stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Look for the Self-Counsel display or ask your book seller. If you can't afford the time to go look, send your business card and a business check for $19.95 (US) or $27.95 (Canadian) to PNW Productions, P. O. Box 191, Tacoma, WA 98401 USA. The book will be sent in the return mail, along with a special publication, The Easy Top Ten Market Research Tools, will also be sent as a special gift for ordering directly.

If you have any questions or comments, please, send us a note to video4u@msn.com. Thank you.

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